Working off the Dad bod

Let’s just say the belt is starting to get little tighter these days. We’ve all been there, right? You are then faced with a decision of what to do next.

Do I:

  1. Drop my belt down a notch?
  2. Ignore it like nothing has changed and hope it stretches out?
  3. Try and trim up?

I’ve chosen #3.

Here is my basic action plan

  • Use LoseIt to track my daily calorie intake and log measurements
  • Up my water intake
  • Continue doing bodyweight exercises—increasing the set-lengths and diversifying the workout
  • In general, just watch what I eat more and avoid large amounts of carbs and refined sugars
  • Have weight and measurement goals I log regularly

I plan on staying active with my family as I get older and I hope that this re-adjustment will help remain on that path.