Why I Enjoy the AeroPress

Coffee dripping from an AeroPress

This one is from the archive. Originally authored in April of 2016 and four years later it still applies.

It tastes excellent

Naturally, the most important aspect of a coffee brew is how it tastes. The AeroPress is not only adequate in this area—it excels. When I first tried coffee from anAeroPress, I was not much of a coffee drinker. In fact I didn’t like coffee much at all. It seemed that most coffee I tasted was bitter and just didn’t have a pleasant flavor. After tasting AeroPress coffee for the first time, my opinion regarding coffee changed drastically. In fact I think it is difficult to make a truly bad cup of coffee with this device.

It’s efficient

In both the coffee produced, and the amount of waste accumulated, I think the AeroPress has little inefficiencies. It is generally used to brew a single serving of coffee. There are some recipes geared towards making multiple cups but that isn’t part of my daily use. Brewing with a method that is geared towards a single serving means I don’t have to brew more coffee than I need at that time. Reducing the risk of coffee going to waste that I don’t drink. But unlike other single serve methods like {INSERT NAME OF AUTOMATIC BREWER HERE}, I don’t generate an access amount of plastic that just gets thrown away. With the AeroPress I only have a small, thin, paper filter along with the coffee grounds that are thrown away (at most). And did I mention it is fast? After the water is heated I can brew a cup of coffee in under 2 minutes from the time I grind the beans to completing the AeroPress’ super easy cleanup.

It’s Affordable

The AeroPress is cheap in the world of quality coffee brewing methods where espresso machine can cost in the hundreds to thousands of dollars. I believe I paid around $26 for mine. Right now it is priced at ~$30 on Amazon. Compared to even ‘mid-range’ espresso machines that is a steal for the result you get. But the low price of the AeroPress doesn’t come at a sacrifice of quality. I’ve used the same one for 3 years and don’t anticipate replacing it anytime soon.