The Five Minute Journal

Pen sitting on top fo a notebook

Start Your Morning Focusing on the Good

The state of North Carolina is currently under a statewide Stay at Home Order. This means any commitments outside my home have grinded to a halt. But because I have a family at home, this doesn’t necessarily mean I get more free time. I find it is resulting in a desire to leverage the opportunity to rest and reflect more with less day to day activity going on.

On a recent episode of my podcast Remotely Effective, Mark Shropshire mentioned his habit of daily writing along the lines of The Five Minute Journal. I had heard of this in the past but it was a good reminder of something to look into. With having several young children my day to day morning schedule doesn’t always go as planned. Despite this I can usually carve out at a minimum 5 minutes of quiet before starting my work day to go through this journaling process.

I am not personally using one of the branded Five Minute Journal products, though they look very nice. (Don’t underestimate the value of a quality notebook like this.) I am currently using a Rhodia web notebook and one of my fountain pens. Tools I wish I found use for more often.

After a few days I have adjusted the writing prompts a bit, and I am also trying to write some portion of a bible verse in addition to those prompts. For anyone that prefers digital over analog tools there is an app for it alos. If I ever find that Day One is no longer suiting my digital journaling needs, I’m definitely going to check that out.

For a more in-depth review of the physical Five Minute Journal, I recommend you check out Natalie Bacon’s review. For now I am comfortable with my ad-hoc method and I will consider migrating after I use up this Rhodia web notebook.

Right now—this is just what I need.