Music I’m Currently Enjoying

Here are some albums I’m enjoying in the rotation right now.

  • Sight by The Eagle and the Child
    • West coast rock with heart felt lyrics and possibly the best hat tip I’ve ever seen in a band name.
  • Chrysaline by Josh Garrels
    • This album expands on much of Josh’s early folk and acoustic sounds in a whole new way while yet not abandoning those foundations. All while still featuring him as one of the most set apart song writers of our time.
  • All of A Sudden I Miss Everyone by Explosions in the Sky
    • If you look up this definition of post-rock music in the dictionary this album should not be far from it. A classic for the genre.
  • From My Window to Yours, Pt. 1 by Andrew Blooms
    • I am new to Andrew Blooms as an artist and I really like his work thus far. His music doesn’t shy away from complex melodies and instrumentation yet still maintains an air of… simplicity.
  • Tranquil by Behind Clouds
    • The Highest-of-Fi “Lo-fi Hip-hop” money can buy.

I do mean albums regarding the above as I don’t listen to singles or “internet radio” much. If you’re looking for top 40 hits, you’re probably in the wrong place.