Just Write

I have been getting the itch to blog again. It is hard to say where this is coming from and it is not a feeling I’m unfamiliar with. There have been a few times I’ve gone through stints of blogging on a regular basis. Yet at the time I write this post the last time I wrote on my blog was over four years ago. I don’t know how long this next stint will last and I’ve decided to abandon my previous blog and the tech behind it. With this new round I am starting with a clean slate. No archive of posts and just a basic WordPress site. The previous site was statically generated by Jekyll. For me Jekyll was fun to tinker with, got me writing some Ruby for a few custom plugins and deployment scripts, and since the files deployed to the web host were static—it meant I didn’t have to manually perform security updates for a CMS. But it has now served its purpose for me. I do have issues with WordPress on several fronts from a technical perspective but for what I need for this site it feels like the perfect fit. After all, this is just a blog. WordPress allows me to maintain some control of the site (not use a third party like Medium), yet achieve three clear benefits over the other options out there:

  • No need for custom code. All that I need to accomplish can be done with site configuration. I do web development as my day job—but I don’t want to write code with this side project unless I have too.
  • WordPress does security updates automatically. Security is always a concern, but at least the updates to WordPress core are done without baby sitting them.
  • Web hosting is easy. The LAMP stack is tried, tested, and couldn’t be me more “boring” to implement. Exactly what I need here.

I can now focus on just writing.