A Moka Pot and Unexpected Outcomes

moka pot

It is no surprise for those that know me that I am fussy when it comes to my coffee. I consider a specialty coffee one of life’s luxuries and drinking it is one of my favorite parts of my daily routine.

I use an AeroPress as my daily driver for brewing but I also have a V60, a Chemex, and various other pour-over methods around which I use in rotation. Recently an unexpected method entered the ranks: a Moka Pot.

I received a Moka for Christmas last year and this was exciting to me because I had not tried one before. But I will be honest that I didn’t have “high hopes” for the outcome. I was looking forward to experiencing something new with coffee. The Moka pot though is not looked at kindly in many, ehh, high brow coffee circles. Most of this reputation is because it brews the coffee at boiling temperatures—which is considered a major faux pas. Contrary to this bad rap, the result in my experience has been a pleasant surprise. It is an odd mix of a double espresso like intensity with a texture that is much closer to a drip coffee.

I highly recommend it. If you’re interested in trying one out I’ve been using this recipe.

Always be open to unexpected surprises.